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When Greg Solow first opened The Engine Room in 1970, he had a spark in his eyes and a simple, but altruistic philosophy: "I want to contribute to making this a better world by making people's lives run a little smoother. I can provide good, reliable, honest auto service."

That was The Engine Room's mission statement 50+ years ago, and the spark and philosophy that inspired it are still intact. As a result, customers have developed a warm and trusting relationship with The Engine Room. And staying true to its goals set out by Greg, The Engine Room has won industry kudos for its excellent work and customer service. "We had high standards when we started," says Greg, "and I'm proud to say we have kept them to this day. We always try to look out for our customers' best interests in the repairs that we recommend and perform.

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125 Front St.
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125 Front St.
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Since first opening its doors in 1970, The Engine Room has stood the test of time and established itself as Santa Cruz County's quality and value leader in repair and service of Japanese-built autos and trucks.

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