Question: My wife bought a new Toyota. She thinks she has to take the car to the dealer for servicing rather to your shop. Is that true?
Answer: The only reason you would have to go back to the new car dealer would be to have something repaired for free, something that's covered under warranty. But all scheduled services can be done at The Engine Room and it will still keep your warranty in effect.

Question: I just bought an 8 year old car that's in good condition. Anything to worry about while driving on long trips?
Answer: It all depends on whether the car's servicing is up to date. If you haven't seen any documentation, you better have the car checked out thoroughly.

Question: I noticed my car running a little hot while commuting over Highway 17. Think my car's radiator needs a flush and new coolant.
Answer: We can't tell without looking at the car. There may be a problem, or it could be normal for that car. Bring it in and we'll check it out. Guessing leads to major errors.

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