American Made Imports

When is a Japanese brand vehicle not an import?

The answer will probably surprise you. Most American made vehicles sold in the U.S. are Japanese brand cars and trucks, not iconic American brands.

Many Americans shopping for a new car or truck tend to gravitate to American brands for no other reason than they want to buy American. And there's also a threat of tariffs on imported vehicles, which would lead to higher prices for consumers on imports.

If you want to buy American, here's some eye opening information you might want to know: 9 of the top 15 vehicles made in America are actually manufactured by Toyota and Honda here in the USA by American workers using American made parts. All of these American made Japanese vehicles are being built by American workers in places that include Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio.

Do these American workers do calisthenics at the beginning of the workday like their counterparts in Japan? We'll cover that at another time.

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